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Event sponsors include the National Defense Industrial Association-Tennessee Valley Chapter (NDIA-TVC), the Air Space and Missile Defense Association (ASMDA) and the Air Defense Artillery Association-Huntsville Chapter (ADAA). Read more about these organizations below.

National Defense Industrial Association-Tennessee Valley Chapter (NDIA-TVC)

The National Defense Industrial Association Tennessee Valley Chapter (NDIA-TVC) actively supports the national defense industry within a region that includes Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, the Chapter conducts a number of events each year in support of its general membership and the community. NDIA-TVC has been recognized as a “Model Chapter” in each of the past twelve years. The Space and Missile Defense Working Group is a functional organization of the Chapter that focuses on space and missile defense issues considered critical to the security of the United States. The NDIA-TVC has always emphasized the need for supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in its regional area. The Chapter’s educational activities range from kindergarten through post-graduate programs. Each year the Chapter awards multiple undergraduate scholarships and graduate level fellowships to deserving students in technology and logistics fields, as well as supporting technology programs for elementary and secondary school students. The Chapter provides educational seminars during the year for industry and government representatives including an Overview of System Acquisition Management (OSAM) and periodic Industry Professional Update Luncheons that focus on providing information and provoking thought on current issues affecting our Defense Industrial Base, such as Defense Funding, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), Defense Transformation, and Advances in Technology. The NDIA Tennessee Valley Chapter has 2817 individual and 55+ local corporate members in our organization. There are over 130 Corporate Sponsors with offices in the TVC. You can find more details about the Chapter’s programs and activities at our website

Air, Space and Missile Defense Association (ASMDA)

The Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association (ASMDA) is a non-profit organization promoting the defense of our Nation through strong space and missile defense programs. ASMDA’s fundamental purpose is to provide programs and support for activities contributing to the advancement of a common understanding of the vital importance of space and missile defense systems to our national defense. Additionally, each year ASMDA supports, sponsors, or conducts a wide array of activities including sixteen Space Camp Scholarships, the Space and Missile Defense Distinguished Civilians Wall of Fame located in the Davidson Center for Space Exploration at the US Space and Rocket Center, Annual Space and Missile Defense Technical Achievement Awards, Annual Space and Missile Defense Service Excellence Awards, four ASMDA “Loretta Spencer” Under-graduate/Postgraduate Scholarships, the “LTG Larry Dodgen” Memorial Scholarship, Adventures in Engineering Day to promote high school student interest in science and engineering, SMDC’s participation in the Army Ten Miler, the SMDC NCO and Soldier of the Year program, Huntsville’s Blue Star Program and Veteran’s Day Parade Band Competition, and numerous seminars, workshops, and symposia on leading space and missile defense issues with top level civilian and military leaders. ASMDA offers both individual and corporate memberships. Please visit the ASMDA web site at:

Air Defense Artillery Association (ADAA)

The goals of the Air Defense Artillery Association (ADAA) are to support Air Defense Artillery soldiers and retirees to foster a spirit of unity and esprit de corps among members of the Branch and to provide both moral and financial support to the Air Defense Artillery Museum and other programs supporting the branch and its soldiers. Additional goals of the Redstone/Huntsville Chapter ADAA are to provide support to soldiers and their families, and contribute to the education and general welfare of the local military community. Chapter support to the military community includes: Space Camp Scholarships awarded to dependents of our local military soldiers, financial scholarships to Army ROTC students (attending UAH and Alabama A&M), and monetary awards to the Redstone Arsenal Non-Commissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year. For more information visit the ADAA website,

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