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Technology Track

The Technology Track provides the opportunity for candidates to present innovations and technical ideas, methods, processes, etc. surrounding cyber resiliency, testing and development and weapon system performance testing and validation.

Twenty-minute briefings are presented at the SMD Symposium Technology Track to be held August 7-9 2018 at The Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Selection for this Symposium is based on an Abstract of no more than 2 pages describing the proposed technical briefing in one of the two topic areas that follow.  The Abstract must describe the basis of the work and include sufficient detail to allow evaluation of the work.  No exceptions will be made.

For those topics selected for presentation, a 20-minute PowerPoint briefing will be prepared and presented as part of the Symposium Technology Track.

Abstracts and PowerPoint briefings must be at the Unclassified level.


Authors will be notified of their selection status

Abstracts are due May 25, 2018

Final briefings are due July 13, 2018

Prospective authors are asked to submit their work or questions electronically to smdtech@smdsymposium.orgprior to the posted deadlines.

Abstracts addressing these and related topics are encouraged.

Cyber Resiliency, Testing, and Development

The US remains reliant on information assets to maintain our competitive edge in military, space and commercial applications.  From space exploration to military engagements to smart phones, our nation is dependent on the application of these technologies and the potential vulnerabilities.

The DoD, along with commercial partners and allies, must invest in cybersecurity advances across the operating system, application, network, and hardware levels. Cybersecurity advances must be robust, adaptable, and minimize overhead to maintain assured rapid information capability across military, commercial, and space domains.

Abstracts addressing Cyber Resiliency, Testing, and Development, along with other related topics, which discuss methods, technologies, and processes to protect against cyber threats such as malware, denial-of-service attacks, hacks and viruses are encouraged.

Case studies involving testing environments and methods to review new technologies to ensure that they conform to security policies are also desired.

Weapon System Performance Testing and Validation

The US military requires a high level of confidence that fielded systems meet requirements and perform to their specifications.  The need to stay ahead of the adversary’s rapid advancements cannot erode the required performance the soldier, sailor, aviator, and marine depend on.

Advances in agile procurement techniques, robust simulation, and model-based engineering through the product lifecycle are enablers in weapon system performance validation.

Examples of integrating M&S throughout the system development effort to enable rapid requirements analysis and visual, model-driven design are encouraged. Innovative testing methods and novel testing instrumentation, whether proposed or verified, are encouraged as well as how these plans anchor simulations of platforms and vehicles operating within stressing environments and high-velocity flight regimes. Successful lessons learned used to rapidly field robust weapon systems effectively are desired.

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