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Official Media partners of SMD Symposium are Foreign Policy, Breaking Defense, and DefenseNews.

Media Guidelines

The Space and Missile Defense Symposium and its organizers – National Defense Industrial Association Tennessee Valley Chapter; Air, Space and Missile Defense Association; and the Air Defense Artillery Association Redstone Huntsville Chapter – welcome professional media members to cover this event.


Event organizers require proof of employment as a member of the media to make certain that only qualified media receive media credentials and gain access to event sessions and the exhibit hall. Those seeking media credentials must present press passes, business cards, letters of verification or other identification (copy of editorial work; name on a masthead; link to an article previously written) when registering online, registering onsite or when picking up a pre-registered media/press badge.

Freelance writers are asked to provide a reason for attending the events, which can be done through a letter or email from the publication being represented, or if working independently, a statement of editorial work will be considered.

The above also applies for photojournalists/videographers.

Event organizers can refuse to issue media credentials for any individual not fitting the above requirements. Advertising, marketing, business development, publishers, business operations and public relations personnel may not register as media.

Access and Rules of Engagement:

Pre-registered media can obtain their media credentials and guidelines at the main registration counter. If registering onsite, please allow extra time for the registration process before sessions begin.

The Media Suite in the Von Braun Center, will be open:

Tuesday, Aug. 8, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Wednesday, Aug. 9, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Thursday, Aug. 10, 8 a.m. – Noon

There will be tables set up with chairs in the Media Suite that can be used for interviews and workstations. The room is not set up for large scale press conferences/announcements.

Wi-Fi will be accessible in the Media Room and throughout the convention center.

Media Kits will also be available in the Media Room from exhibiting organizations who choose to make them available.

There are no embargo restrictions on any information at the event.

After obtaining media credentials, the SMD Symposium Media Relations Chair or designated representative can assist in receiving and adjudicating any requests for interviews with government speakers or participants. His contact info is included at the end of this document.

Media Badges must be worn at all times when attending the event. This includes attending symposium sessions/panels/roundtables and the exhibit hall, as well as during interviews with any event participants.

Follow-up questions may be asked by the media after presentations, if specified by the session moderator or speaker. It is requested that media members clearly state their name and the publication, website or television network/station name before asking questions.

It is also requested that media members identify themselves as press when engaging in conversations with all event participants.

Event organizers request that media members mention Space and Missile Defense Symposium by name in any reporting of information obtained at the event. If tweeting, please use #SMDSymposium

All Event Sessions are OPEN to the media:

All of the event’s scheduled sessions are considered “on-the-record” and open to the media; however, event organizers can elect to close a previously open portion of the program at their discretion and will communicate these changes appropriately to members of the media and attendees.

Photography, Videography and Audio Guidelines:

Symposium Sessions:

Photography and videotaping is allowed in the symposium sessions as long as it is not disruptive.

Audio recording in the symposium sessions is approved for the personal use of the media. These audio recordings may not be rebroadcast in any format.

Exhibit Hall:

All media members must obtain permission and releases (if requested) from any exhibiting organization/company they are photographing, videotaping and /or recording audio. Care must be taken when operating in the exhibit hall that only the organization/company that you have permission to photograph, videotape or record is captured. Neighboring companies/organizations exhibits cannot be included unless there is permission to do so.

VERY IMPORTANT – Photos, videos and /or audio cannot be used by any organization or individual to inadvertently or purposely show Government or Industry endorsement for anything other than the event in which they are actively participating.

Media Contacts & Location:

Bob English,, 256-585-4559

The Media/Public Affairs Room location is in the ballet room off of the concert hall.

Please remember that press/media badges are a privilege and can be revoked by event organizers at any time. Reasons include, but are not limited to, the unauthorized photographing or videoing of exhibits, other than those exhibits for which permission has been granted, unauthorized photographing or videoing of symposium sessions where photos and/or video is prohibited, attending symposium sessions or functions where media are prohibited, and the solicitation of advertisements, exhibit space, sponsorships, etc. in the symposium and exhibition controlled areas.


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